WELCOME! What is Inner Court Ministry?

In the inner court of the tabernacle we find three articles: the altar of incense, the altar of showbread and the menorah. As we partake of the bread of life (showbread) in our worship we recieve illumination (menorah) and become the incense (altar of incense) the Lord desires.

As we become as the Lord is, our worship becomes light and full of expression. The Lord desires for all of us to experience His fullness as we are in His presence. No matter where we are.....We can still worship Him. Our inner court can be anywhere, He is not limited by our circumstances, only we are.
All flags are hand painted, made of Haboti China silk and designed by Karen Simmons. The designs & coloration come from prayer and worship time with the Lord.

About Karen A. Simmons an ordained minister and founder of Inner Court Ministries. Since 1987, Karen has ministered and taught the importance of hearing and flowing in God's ordained area of authority and leadership principles, which encourages Christians to have confidence in their calling.


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