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Few symbols have a tradition as long and a rich as the dove. A particular favorite in art and iconography, the dove often represents some aspect of the divine, and its use has been shared, adapted and reinterpreted across cultures for hundreds of years. Dove imagery is also utilized in several of the prophetic illustrations of the Bible. By the time of Jesus, the dove was already rich with symbolism and many interpretations as a representation of Israel, atoning sacrifice, suffering, a sign from God, fertility and the Spirit of God.


All of these meanings and more were incorporated into the Christian use of dove iconography. Since ancient times, the dove was used to identify and represent the divine. It then helped countless peoples to envision and understand the many aspects of a God who could not be embodied by an idol or statue. It continues to be a favorite way to show the hand and presence of God in the world and remains one of our most enduring symbols.


All flags are made from 100% Habotai Silk and hand dyed individually.
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