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"Elohim, Creator God has never stopped speaking to His creation. He speaks to us through many avenues, means and methods, seasons and situations. Whether we claim to be sons of man or sons of God, His Word is true and infallible. The Omni-Potent One is always communicating His intentions. My calling and ministry is to release the Word of the Lord, first and foremost to the Body (Psalm 60:4-5). That is my mandate and I do it by illustrating it on silk in the form of flags and silks. Every flag I make comes out of my intimate relationship with my Maker; however, there are some times this Word is so strong I know it is for a larger audience and carries with it revelation in the knowledge of Him for Kingdom building on the earth.


It is my intention to share these Words I get from Him with you. As you minister, pray and war with these prophetic words (flags), know you are uprooting spiritual systems and bringing the heavenly kingdom in their place. The enemy knows exactly what each flag is for. Each one, in your hands, is a tool for building God's Kingdom here on earth, through your warfare of worship!" ~Karen


All flags are made from 100% Habotai Silk and hand dyed individually.
Made in the USA.

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