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Flexible Flyer: Living Creatures


The Four Living Creatures


There are two scriptures for each Creature:


The Ox

Exodus 20:24 and John 2:15. Both scriptures relate to the ox. In the first the Lord is reminding us of His presence and blessing where His name is remembered with a sacrifice of burnt offerings. The second scripture is the picture of Jesus cleansing the Temple because it was defiled according to its original intent in Exodus 20:24.I feel the Lord is bringing us into a new revelation of worship and setting our worship into divine order.


The Man

Genesis 1:27 and John 3:16 God created Man for fellowship and relationship out of love. From the beginning to the end, He desires us to be restored back to His original intention of creating us. He is bringing us into a new revelation of our identity in Him and in His purposes for us.


The Eagle

Isaiah 40:31 and Exodus 19:4 As we wait upon the Lord it is only by His Spirit, grace and mercy are we able to find our way back to Him in relationship, renewing His original purpose. He is bringing us into a deeper understanding of our true need to totally depend on Him.


The Lion

2Timothy 4:17 and Revelation 5:5 His character as the Lion of Judah is so multifaceted it would be impossible to unveil it all in this life time. It is His strength, representative as the Lion, that causes us to be able to share the Gospel, for some under horrific conditions. It is He who will make all things right for us in the end. He is the only One worthy to open the Book and break the scrolls!" ~Karen


Can also be used in choreography as versatile dance silks.


  • Pricing: Set of all 4 - $250
  • 100% Silk
  • Hand-painted
  • Original design by Karen

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